The Peacock Babies of Quebec

    Our stories began on different days and different years but we have met traveling along the same path going in the same direction. The direction we are going in is full of bumps and holes. Some we have fallen over or into but we pick ourselves up and continue the journey. The journey we are on is one most people will never have to take, nor would they want to. We are searching for our roots, our pasts, pasts that are buried somewhere waiting to be discovered. Most of us were born in Cowansville, Quebec at the Brome Missisquoi Perkins Hospital by women we can only presume were unable to care for us. We tend to presume most things as our questions have always gone unanswered. The Reverend Peacock of Cowansville took it upon himself to place several children into adoptive homes. We can only hope that all of the Peacock babies were well taken care of as he did this on his own. Social Services were never involved therefore background checks were not conducted. We can't go back in time and change what happened, nor would we want to. The present is where we are and the future is what we hope to change by lifting this cloud of secrecy that surrounds us all.
     A cloud that will continue to hover until our roots and pasts are finally unveiled. We often look past our reflections in the mirror in hopes of seeing more. We all know who we are but where did we come from? Are there people out there who know but are afraid to come forward, afraid of what they may find. The only fear we have is the fear of never knowing. Our birth records have yet to be discovered, perhaps left to collect dust somewhere or destroyed as they were considered to be of no value. Knowing our roots is something nobody can put a price on but something we would pay anything to have. Reverend Peacock may never have known that he has taken away something that belongs to each of us. He took away our right to know where we came from and fueled our need to know. Please take the time to read our information and tell others about what you have read.




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